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Gay married man coming out story

You must be 30 to ride this ride

Peter has been dating this smoking hot Asian girl. She’s enough to convert me back just thinking about it. I’ve been kidding asking whether she has a brother. Well, sure enough, Peter shows up with a photo of her brother with thoughts of a double date. She thinks her brother is gay. The pink shirt and sunglasses leave me with no doubt. “Chris, you’re just the right sort to help him find his direction”, says Peter. Likely feet up in the air.

I’ve been emailing a couple of college age bloggers documenting their coming out progress. Without exception, each is highly intelligent, articulate, well written, other guys their age interest them physically but don’t challenge them mentally. The whole coming out process has forced a deeper thinking about who they are and what they want. Frankly, not that different from what I’m experiencing albeit later in life.

What am I looking for? Well I’d like to manage to see the same person more than once. Chemistry can fuel a fast start but it won’t carry you the distance. After you’ve been around someone a bit, you quickly know where it’s going. It can lead to good-bye, “I just wanna be your friend” or to something more. The problem is you have to invest the time.

With all the eye candy and emotional turmoil, it’s the rare under 30 yo guy who is going to follow that path. This isn’t a gay thing either, I see it in straight guys too. Living in a disposable world, we toss what we have aside, because what’s coming is 10x better. Or so it seems.

Based upon the Daniel experience, I’m making my own rules, I’m old enough. I’m moving my bar up a notch. If you don’t meet the minimums, well I already know how the story ends.


  1. I may need to adopt some minimums as well.

  2. Raising the bar……those that also mean you are raising the age limit that you are willing to consider…….

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