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Wow! I could have had a V8

It’s 7.30 in the morning, my boys and I rushing to get to train station and my phone is ringing. Its Peter, my straight womanizing friend. I asume he’s either pocket or drunk dialing, either way, its not good, 1.30 in the morning for him.

Peter is with his East coast girlfriend. “We’ve got a date lined up for you!”, he exclaims. A few weeks ago he and his GF had met this gay black British guy late 20s and both thought he was just my type. Well, last night they met him again and talked me up, got his phone number and organized a group date for next weekend.
Peter put me on speakerphone, he and his GF are breathless. “He’s just your type, very cute, a little effeminate, brown, really cool.” Peter ends, “he’s a lot hotter than Chris.”

Well how can I resist that kind of offer? Who better than Peter to be scouting for me, an attractive metrosexual who isn’t the least bit phased when guys hit on him, he just sends them over to me. But I have a BF right? I do indeed, my tiger cub.

There’s always someone hotter, cuter, richer, taller, shorter, tighter, smoother, hairy (god help you if that’s your thing). Its not about settling, its about settling down with the right person, making a committment and keeping it.

I’m happy to go out with a group, but TC will know ahead of time and know full well where my committments are.

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  1. I can just see the hairs rising on TC’s neck and the claws in the air. He will be one unhappy camper is my bet.

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