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Trained Professionals, don’t attempt yourself

I have resumed gay married life with TC. We wander about bickering at other as we do. Shopping, Cooking. Sitting on the balcony having a nice meal. A short movie and off to bed. Like two pythons, we curl up around each other and settle in for the night. I have no idea what is happening in the gayborhood, nor do I care.

TC is off this morning to yoga in the gayborhood, we get there early for a farmer’s market, a great spring day again in DC. Wandering about I do realize there are a number of gay couples together. Usually not hard to ID them, dressed in his & his matching clothes or some stereotypical outfit, one couple the aging queen was wearing a tank top t-shirt, nasty gray chest hair puffing out, oversized purple glasses and two little what could be described as “dogs” in tow. The Republican in me kicks in, my god.  Ah, but we all are playing some character in a bad movie, now aren’t we?

I don’t know that world and have no desire to know it.  The good news, both TC and I need only us, you can transplant us anywhere in the world, we have our own eco system.

But come next week, TC is gonna start bitching about “what we are doing” and that grind will begin. Working in the technology field, I am too accustomed to things not working, taking longer than expected, something being just incredibly stupid and what is hot today, being not so hot tomorrow. The entire cycle sometimes measure in months. Comes with the territory. It’s not stable ground to walk on.

I am concerned that I have way too much instability on too many fronts at the moment. More than even I’m used to. I’m working without a net on this outing. I encourage you not to take undue risks, screw with too many of the tumblers in your life, it’s a game of Peterian roulette and eventually, you will lose. So heeding my own advice, I’m working on a my own plan of action, I need a little net.


  1. you are so lucky to have TC. He will keep you grounded during this period of instability. The lovely thing about TC is that he has demonstrated over and over again that he is there for you, offering your emotional and practical support. That’s what makes a couple strong, when each can be a pilar to other. You are so terribly blessed to have found this.

  2. I mean this in a respectful way: I don’t think TC is right for you. But, on the other hand, love is never right or wrong.

  3. Maybe TC could join the military……bring a little extra cash.

  4. What are you saying? I should not quit my job and move back to DC? LOL

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