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This afternoon (after I woke up), Prof. Tim has conferenced in Peter to discuss my encounter with the Thai guy last night. I was a little drunk (is it possible to be just a little drunk?). I couldn’t remember all the details. Prof. Tim and his friends saw it all.

Last night, our group was packing up to leave Sidetrack (the gay Chicago nightspot) and we were in the coat check line to retrieve our jackets. Thai guy was behind me coming to drop off his jacket. It appears that in the space of 1 minute, I convinced Thai guy not to check his jacket and instead come with us to Roscoe’s (another gay spot across the street).

Well, the story goes on that that we all went to Roscoe’s and I immediately disappeared to a dark corner with Thai guy and within 10 minutes informed Prof. Tim that we (meaning me and Thai guy) were leaving.

It’s apparent that I was a bit fuzzy on the details, but clearly Prof. Tim and his group remember everything precisely. In fact, they had never seen a pick-up happen so quickly.

Hey I’m German, what can I say. Quality execution.

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  1. Slut.
    And I get grief over my, in-comparison not so slutty activities.

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