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I’m sitting with my work colleagues in Cologne at the same Italian restaurant TC and I ate in for the first time. Bla bla bla. The evening wears on. I’m off to Brussels tomorrow and then Eurostar back to my baby. God – I’m such a p*ssy, I miss him already.

On a good day, with the winds blow right, I’m a nightmare to deal with. But this isn’t a good day, I’m stressed. I’m playing with too many buttons on my control panel at the same time. You gotta watch this in your own life. I was "on" today. Center of attention. Asking executives of some German company to give me money. The account team was all happy.

But I’m thinking about TC. He so deftly deals with me. He’s not even seeing the "normal" me. How many people can deal with just "you"? We’re all a handful aren’t we? We’re soo busy in our normal lives investing in ourselves. Giving to another person with what little remains seems so meager.

Do you have someone in your life that’s dealing with you? Well let’em know you appreciate them. Thank them for being a part of your life. It’s sounds so trite, a touch of California shallowness, but no one gets tired of hearing they’re appreciated. Go for it I say.


  1. Hardly trite or shallow. Most often overlooked in our run around lives.
    Great thought.

  2. It’s a great suggestion! 🙂

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