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I’m booked to return to Europe on January 2nd, I’ll park there again for just over 2 weeks. Daddy got to make money.

TC is a tad miserable, the reality of his situation coming down hard on his shoulders. But he’s got a positive outlook, 2008 will be better. He readily admitted to me his life is a bit f*cked up for the moment. He broke up with his last boyfriend, he said, because he didn’t feel like he was getting any personal growth out of the relationship. Well, I crack the whip on him pretty hard. Get your butt moving, I don’t have time for slackers. He will perform.

Talking today, he clearly wants a “sugar daddy” moment. He’s already ready to get out of London and head somewhere warmer, like Spain, for a long weekend. He’s even talking about arranging his work schedule in advance.

I can hear the lectures from you guys starting. If I get one more Aussie hug, I’m gonna throw up 🙂 But I think I have this in prospective. He’s fun and easy to be with, low maintenance and believe it or not, he’s calming for me. Yes he may well float off at some point, but I’m not fearful now of getting hurt, he won’t float far. For what I need right now, he’s perfect. I only hope, I’m what he needs.

Peter talking to me last night pointed out that Chris’ life (now at 23) will be totally different in a mere 5 years, whereas my own life has changed relatively little (ok save for this one major upheaval) in the last 10 years. He’s right. How does Malaga early January sound to you?


  1. Sounds wonderful……are we all invited. As for being a sugar daddy…..if you got it flaunt it. Oh it will cost at bit, but then you are only looking for a bit of down time with someone who, as of right now, doesn’t appear to have been to distructive to you.

  2. No hugs from this Aussie! We make decisions and there are consequences for all choices! LOL

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