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Success at last

I’ve been looking at apartments and fully on my way to being depressed. Like Goldilocks & the 3 Bears, nothing seems right. Too small, wrong location, too expensive, too long term, too ugly …

Tuesday afternoon, I flop on to the couch at Peter’s apartment. “I got nothing”, I moan. We talk about the choices. Peter says, “Why don’t you go downstairs to my leasing office and see if they can help.” OK, down I go.

Peter’s building is beautiful. Fantastic art deco lobby, 24 hr front desk, everything remodeled, huge fitness center to die for, wood paneled party room/bar with a pool table, business center with printers. It’s a great building and an easy walk to Dupont Metro.

I explain to the manager what I’m looking for. Sorry, but we have another property that specializes in shorter term rentals. It’s over by the White House. No thanks. As I’m leaving the manager says, hey, there’s a State Dept guy wanted to move out, he’s got 2 months left on his contract, he’s looking to sublet. “You wanna take a look?”. Sure, he grabs a key and we wander up.

The apartment is perfect. Nice living area, kitchen and separate and decent size bedroom. The price is excellent. It will be unfurnished. But I’m thinking how much furniture do I need to get started? The guy is moving out on June 25, that’s way to convenient for my desired 26th move in (see earlier posting). Plus I can move in 2 or more months with no penalty.

I take the place. I’m friggin over joyed. I go back to Peter’s with the news. Here’s the best part, I tell him, it’s only TWO DOORS down from where Peter lives. “Peter, won’t this be great, just think middle of the night, one of us runs out of condoms, we can just wander down the hall to each other?”

“Lubed or unlubed”, he deadpanly replies.

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  1. Will, looks like your life is beginning to move forward. Be careful you don’t borrow the “straight” condoms from Russ…….

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