Peter has always been concerned about managing his ‘image’. So when his fiancée scoured this blog, she found out that he wasn’t Greg Brady. Truth be told, she ain’t a Marcia Brady either (as I found out from different sources).  But for both of them the image of being a happy Marcia and Greg couple was important.

How about you? How honest would you be with another person about your past life? Are you happy with your story as it truly was written or as you’d like to see it written? Perhaps with a bit more or less color. Leave out a few sentences as well. Just a nip n’ tuck, you might think.

How do you start or have a relationship with someone when you’re working double time to cover up things you done previously? What does that say about you as a person? Who wants a relationship where the #1 ingredient, honesty isn’t in the mix.

Of course, you can tilt the truth. I mean, if they don’t ask, you don’t have to volunteer. They likely have something to hide as well, right? It’s all one big game in the end and no wonder people can’t stay together. Too many stories.

I am who I am, carrying my satchel of faults down the road, but I hope we all try to have integrity and honesty as key ingredients.