What’s the deal? I’m like some lost friend, or so it seems, been getting email and text messages from all sorts of guys I’d long ago given up for dead. “How are you?” “Why don’t we get together?” Huh? Aren’t these the same people who disappeared on me, went radio silent, just dropped me from their scene.

These gay guys are one kooky lot. Everybody wants a long term relationship, only no one is looking for one. Like the drunk looking for his lost car keys under the street lamp, because “the light is better”. Peter and I had talked that in straight relationships there is a gravitational force when both people really like each other. They want to see more of another with shorter intervals between times. In a relationship, you’re either getting closer to one another or the distance is increasing. There is no status quo. A relationship is at full afterburner early on, because the fire always dims to a glow in the long term. Go for the gusto now, right?

But it’s like the gay world is 180 degrees out of phase with the rest of the population. Guys do a drive by of me, then disappear, only to re-appear later with a notch more interest. It seems they have no idea what they want from me. In retrospect, I’m not sure they know what they want for themselves.

The list of “Things Chris did right in 2007” is a very short read whereby my “Things not to do” is now available on DVD. So I’m not sure I make a good example for anyone to follow. I’m thinking of adopting George Costanza rules for 2008 (do the opposite to whatever I think is right). But I’m comfortable being an outcast from both the straight & gay world. In the end, we’re all parties of one.