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Somewhere in this city, a Mexican should be scared

Tiger Cub is pacing back and forth in his cage. He's called me everyday from London warning me of the dangers of talking to other boys. "Things can get out of hand with you if I'm not around, you know", he explains gasping on the line.

I'm in Washington, DC, soon to be former residence of George Bush. I'm staying at home, my wife, kids and I have a cordial relationship. This is a big house and things need looking after, I was Mr. Home Depot and now I'm gone. Two teenage boys are also a handful, nagging, bitching, complaining and then sulking – sometimes all in a single sentence. I wish I knew how I could help her.

But it's PRIDE week here in DC. Professor Tim in Chicago sensing immient danger is coming here Friday. We've managed to convince Peter, our straight friend,to evacuate his apartment in the gayborhood for the weekend. Professor Tim and I will set-up our command center here. Prof. Tim lands at noon, I fully anticipate that the first major incident will have happened before the sun sets. No gay Mexican will be safe, the dream team is on the case.

Much to my amazement, my wife is supportative of my weekend, to some extent, she wants me to get on with my life (I assume). I sense we're both now in a our own gray zones, how do you break free from all of this? There's no anger (which at least creates energy), but clearly there is another stage to come. Perhaps we should just take it easy, move carefully, there's no clear win for either of us by hurrying. But she has her own life and I want her to step forward with her requirements as well. It can't be all fun for me and all work for her.


  1. I really like your style. You are such a great father, and so willing to give them your time, attention, support. I’m suspicious of your wife. If I were you, I would not tell her about Chris. What may seem to you as interest and support for your new lifestyle, may be nothing more on her side than bait for giving you a “got-you” when she takes you to divorce court. Trust me, I’ve been through this. You are such a faithful partner to TC and such a wonderful, concerned, involved, emotionally supportive father. I have rarely seen a man as dedicated to his children as you, and as faithful to his lover as you. Keep trusting your instinct – you are a good father, a good and faithful partner. Don’t let your ex-wife make you feel guilty.

  2. I’m sorry Don but I don’t agree with you at all, maybe it’s because I lived in Europe for 13 years, but European women are very different in their thinking than American woman.
    Chris I think you have an amazing soon to be ex wife, that not to say that there won’t be bumps down the road……..but heck that’s just part of life.
    Enjoy Cince de Mayo (oops I mean Pride), take some photos and post them, I love the parade scenes.
    We’re off to Pride in Atlanta for the 4th of July weekend.

  3. I suppose you are right Mark, I’ll have to defer to your better judgment. Not the part about European women vs. American women, since I am European (español, madrileño, tez blanca, cabello oscuro, ojos verdes, dientes blancos y boca roja), but perhaps I am jaded. My only point is that our Chris is such a devoted father, giving so much time to his children, that I worry about his soon to be ex-wife taking advantage of him. Pero, tu sabes mejor sin duda, y espero todo salga bien.

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