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Sluts abound

Here in the U.S. I’ve reconnected with many that I’ve not seen in months. This includes Peter, my straight friend, who having wintered at ski resort, looks tan and fit. We’re both attending a corporate wank event this week and holed up in local hotel.

An evening event finished, a group of us are at local bar, along side me is a cute little 20-something girl from accounting. Months ago she’d gotten divorced from some guy who regularly beat the crap out of her and now has a serious boyfriend who used to work for us. Her BF is a super guy and is on a trip by chance in London and though it’s 4:30 a.m. in the morning for him, she’s ringing so that he can chat with me plus give him a good night kiss. How sweet I think.

Evening drawing to a close, we all walk back to the hotel. Peter is staggering along, he’s pretty hammered. The girl in accounting, who is not staying in the hotel, joins us in the elevator. Odd. Peter and I exit on the same floor as our rooms are doors apart. I turn and the little girl just follows Peter into his room.

The next morning, Peter admits he banged the girl and that just as I saw, she had just invited herself in to his room. He had no idea about her BF and was sick at the thought, as he knows her BF as well, she was just a f*ck and he was hammered.

If I hadn’t witnessed it, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m astonished at her lack of self-control and putting a good relationship at risk with her BF. Sometimes I come down on gay guys for their rampant sexual behaviour, but clearly this isn’t something limited just to the gay community.

Nonetheless, it is about self-control and mainly showing some level of respect for yourself. Needless to say, I don’t think very highly of this little girl anymore. You get what you deserve.


  1. you’re way to hard on people. maybe she’s a bitch, but maybe she was just drunk or made a mistake or was lonely…or maybe your buddy is so hot she couldn’t deny herself. whatever it was, don’t be too quick to judge – lest ye be judged. and as a guy on his own journey out, i’m really hoping the powers that be (including my wife) are forgiving on judgment day.

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