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Sh*t happens

This posting got me in a world of shit. TC read it and thankfully we've (or rather he was able) to move past it (read postings further down). I originally deleted this posting because, well you read it, but since TC already knows, I repost it for you. Note: dates are out of sequence now.

It's Saturday and I'm planning on spending the night in DC. Peter and his GF have arranged for us all to go out with a group. Peter's GF, who adores me for some reason, has got a new gay friend of her's coming out with the group. "Chris, you're really going to like this guy, he has your type written all of him." Now suddenly my type is common knowledge. I'm not too concerned, it's a whole group of us and always nice to meet someone new.

Image314 Peter and I sitting at his downtown apartment, snacking on some light bites, it's early evening on Saturday, drinking already in progress and Rick, the gay friend calls. I'm over hearing the conversation. Rick is worried about how old I am, what I look like, will he look OK, what does he need to wear, what should he talk about. A ten minute Q&A about me. I'm chuckling as Peter tries to answer his questions, he already sounds sweet.

It's 10:30 p.m. and the group arrives at a mixed bar in the gayborhood. We're all chatting away and then Rick appears. OMG. OMFG (I can do valley girl). He's adorable. Light brown, mid-height gymanstic body, thin with broad shoulders and a ripped body (shoot me now) and a cute British accent. All of this in 25 yo package.

He circles the group saying hello before finally introducing himself to me. He's a little awkward but I'm good with those situations and before you know it we're chatting along. I'm silently wondering what he smells like. Old habits die hard. Suddenly I realize that our "group" has conveniently disappeared. Disappeared, in like, left the bar and gone elsewhere. We're alone.

Rick lives a mere 2 blocks from the bar, I realize how late it is and well, you know how it goes. Off to Rick's I trot, like some f*cking retriever with his caught bird. I spend the night, not much happens, neither of us pushing anything. Rick is definitely "boyfriend" material, I find. I'm just happy curling up next to him. In the wee hours of the morning I awaken and for a brief instance think Rick is TC. We're sleeping just like TC and I do.

We end up spending all day Sunday together, watching movies, hanging out, we took another nap in the mid-day heat. I really like him. I finally make it home at almost 10 p.m. Rick wants to see me this week again.

Did anything "bad" happen sexually? No, I didn't want or expect that. Nonetheless, I'm not telling TC about this or should I? Note: TC knows all of this and more. I'm mad at myself for allowing this to happen. Why did I do this? I'm all grown up, I can politely say no or steer away from a situation. Am I mad at TC about the whole crabs incident? Am I just lonely and want some intimate contact? Was it simply bad judgment? Maybe I'm concerned about the relationship with TC? Maybe I'm just horny.

Whatever it is, I'm now officially no better than any other slutty gay guy I've written about. We are one, together.


  1. Well, Chris, perhaps this has to give you a different perspective on the TC crabs issue? Was your picture saying “What’s good for the goose…” Uh oh, except the goose died.

  2. What to say…..I really don’t know. I suppose I’m a bit like you. Which way to turn, really that’s up to you and for me to find out. Brown is definitely your colour.

  3. Oh, My, God. Of, My Gawd! (LOL, I can do Valley Girl also LOL – Smiley Face Here). No, really, you are SOOOOO cute. You ard your new little cub. So what’s this cub’s nickname? Maybe we should call him Possum? That is SOOOO Gay, and, well, now that you are just like . . . . (LOL, you are SOO cute). Keep posting! Love it all.

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