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I told my wife that TC is coming in tonight and we’ll be gone for some days. She was cool about it, she realizes he brings a certain peace over me. I’ve advised Tiger Cub that with the crap economy and job situation, uncertain times, we’ll have to roll with it, he knows I’m committed to us staying together and I’ll put the force into place to make it happen. Medium term, I’m gonna get back to Europe, crazy Americans.

So kids happy, wife happy, TC OK, good friends in the know. We’re all just one big happy f*cking bunch of people here.

One reader commented that I’ve been hacking around with this for 2 years and wasn’t it time I got on with the program. Well, dear reader, why don’t you pop round for a cup of Java and you can s’plain to me just how you’d of cut the corners here. I’m tired of figuring it out and just assume a “more experienced fruit” help me out with it and alleviate me the trouble.

Image393 This whole process seems like a series of endless eggshells. A hallway discussion with one of the executives today, we were joking around and he may some “gay” comment about the pair of shoes I was wearing. It was funny and I chuckled and didn’t think anything more of it. Peter (one my straight friends in the know) was standing nearby and later came over with a “did you hear what he said to you”. It was a joke, what do I care?

But had this executive known, he’d of been more careful with his comment and with that I would no longer be “one of the boys”. Unfortunately, I need to be “one of the boys” to survive so I’m sorry, I’m trying to figure out just how I have to play this so they’re not nervous, feel comfortable around me. Because one wrong move and the next words from me could be, “Would like fries with that?”.

Note: TC busting me for the return of the Latino boy pictures. I don’t think this photo violates the rules, do you?


  1. TC ought to know by now that that’s a lossing argument and let it go. Brown is your flavour.
    You can look as long as you don’t “taste”……

  2. Nothing wrong with us latinos! LOL

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