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Gay married man coming out story

Peter is GAY!

Peter recently shagged one of his close “girl” friends for the 2nd time. “How does this happen?”, I ask. Well, she’s thinks she’s a guy when it comes to sexual encounters. “So basically you’re screwing a women who thinks like a guy?”. Yes. “Well wouldn’t that make you gay?”, I conclude. He’s not happy with my conclusion.

It’s really OK, isn’t it? They’ve known each other a long time, she’s knows the good and bad on him, they enjoy being around each other and they have physical attraction for each other. See I think she may be the perfect match for Peter. She understands him, they’re comfortable together, he readily admits she quite attractive. But yet, he’s not seeking her.

Now that I think about it, I see straight guys bifurcating their relationships based upon need. But you don’t marry someone who is just your friend or sexual partner. You marry someone who is your everything.

But if Peter is happy, I’m happy for him. If gay guys need close friends and sexual partners to satisfy themselves, great. But I’m need one person. I need the everything. The search begins.


  1. All men, gay or straight think with their dicks. If women thought like men, they’d be in gay relationships!

  2. I’m a fan of bifurcation.
    Though the all-inclusive model definitely has its romantic appeal.
    If your wife were a guy, would it have worked out? Other than her gender, was she cool?

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