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Return to sender

Image355He's asleep now in the Peter's bed. The gray jersey sheets wrapped around his 135 lb body like an enormous T-shirt. He's piled 5 pillows around his head and snoozing soundly. But in a few short hours, I'll deposit him at the airport and off to Canada he shall go. The future return of TC – unknown, my future fate – unknown.

About Saturday? I'll post on that later. Suffice to say he re-appeared and we made up. But I'm sad right now, each minute, each second that goes by could be the last with TC. Zero hour is approaching.

Not being too sappy. I realized yesterday, as we had lunch with some friends at Rosa Mexicano and I oogled the wait staff (hey – I ain't that damn sad, I even got busted twice!), that TC has managed to extract a wide range of emotions from me. I've never felt more loved by anyone and on the opposite end I've had moments where I couldn't possibly be any angrier with anyone. The only other person who has managed to push all of my buttons has been my children.

Pushing buttons. Perhaps that what we need in our relationships. Someone to challenge all of our emotions. Reminding you that you're alive. Keeping the game fresh.

But for now I'm sad. The end is near. Or is it?


  1. I am filming a documentary about a man who comes out after being married for a number of years. I would like to speak to you about your experience.

  2. Oh I certain that this “Love Story” is far from over……

  3. What about your sons? Hope you’re spending some time with them.

  4. I think you and TC will find a way to make this work 🙂
    Ya know, I’m in my first serious relationship ever and your posts enlighten me in some things. Like how one person can make you feel loved, and at the other end, make you angry the most. I wonder sometimes how he can elicit that much emotion in me like no one ever has. It feels like too much work! But yesterday, he said it best that growing can be quite painful and we certainly have grown a lot in the 15 months we’ve been together. Too much drama!! Is that the same with straight couples, or the gay drama is in a different level?

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