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Gay married man coming out story

And now the rest of the story

Drama. If it’s not me creating it. Someone else is doing it for me. This blog often reveals things about the people in my life. So know you need to know what happened.

Peter was my friend for years and the inspiration for many of my blog postings. He’s read the blog, edited my entries and wanted to do a guest posting. He’s a mid-30’s single straight guy. This blog has run continuously and I haven’t written about Peter in over 2 years.

Well Peter got a girlfriend, and since she knew about this blog, Peter asked me to edit some entries on this blog, which I did. This was well over a year a go. All was well, the hard drive with this blog kept spinning around the clock. The girlfriend turned into fiancée, they bought a house together and marriage was looking likely. The fiancée is also mid-30’s and a professional corporate attorney as well previously married.

On March 2nd, the fiancée instant messaged me during the business day. Nothing particular, how was I doing, fine, glad to hear from you, all quite ordinary. About an hour later, I get a short cryptic message from Peter “your blog is fucking my life up again, I’m tired to defending you“.

I had no idea what was going on but a quick check of my webstats showed that at precisely the time Peter’s fiancée had IM’d me, she had also started to read my blog. Read is likely an overstatement. High speed scanning would be a better term. She had spent the previous hour surfing this blog and went thru 165 pages of it. WTF.

I informed Peter of this. Another hour passed, he wrote me another cryptic note, “please remove me from any of your postings, please, thank you“. OK, so obviously something was going on, what I dared not call. So I went home and dutifully removed every posting that even mentioned his name. A total of 65 entries disappeared.

I emailed Peter that I was sorry for the trouble. I had no idea she was reading the blog, but no matter, I valued his friendship and that I had removed 65 posts. I indicated I was a bit disappointed in her using my blog as some kind of weapon against him.

Later that evening, Peter sent me yet another email. “Thanks for the action, we’ve been having a bit of a rough time and she was using your blog to dig up old stuff on me, I know how much your blog means to you, so I appreciate your help“. OK, that was nice and I went to bed thinking, whatever, the storm shall pass.

The next morning, I got yet another short cryptic email. “We’re breaking up because you of, don’t contact me again“. Literally one sentence. WTF. And with that Peter decided to sever our 5 year friendship and I have not heard from him since. Through the grapevine, I hear they’re planning on getting married in July.

It is moments like this that renew my lack of respect for human relationships. People will discard you on a moment’s notice the minute something is more important to them. Yes you can argue that Peter is flake or immature or both or emotionally insecure or whatever, ditto for his fiancée. But each of us has some quirk, some weirdness about us, something that makes us different or unique.  Oh well.


  1. Hi Chris,

    If getting married means dumping your old friends, it sounds like Russ is in for a horrible marriage to a controlling bitch. And if she can’t stand you and uses your blog as a weapon against her lover and fiancé, it seems like he is not right for her.

    It is always sad to lose a friend. You have my sympathy.


  2. I read all the posts regarding Russ before and after SSK entered the picture and don’t recall reading anything especially incriminating on either of them. A shame people will throw friendships away so easily.

  3. I am sorry that happened to you.

  4. I wanna read this…..

  5. Ok. So if they are having issues about your blog and they are not married…I doubt the marriage will last five seconds. I mean…I’ve read your blog and I can probably count the times you mentioned Russ on one hand. I get more mentions! LOL

    Seriously…she needs to get a life if she’s digging up dirt on him on here. What happened to trust!

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