Walking down the street, realize I’ve not looked to simply hook-up with someone. But thinking, I’m also really not looking to date someone either. I’m looking for a relationship, could be long, could be short. Dating seems too casual, what’s the point? I like to get to know someone and I’d be confused trying to keep up with multiple people. I also wouldn’t want myself or them to be sleeping with someone else at the same time either.

I met my wife as a stranger on a street corner in Munich. I pursued her relentlessly for 30 days, calling her every day. She didn’t take my calls until finally the receptionist at her office forced her to deal with me. She agreed to go out but gave me a "date" a month later. On our date, she announced she had a boyfriend at the time. It was time for me to give up. Two months later, SHE called me, boyfriend was gone, we went out the next day, we got married 1 year later and we stayed together for 15 years.

I knew in 30 seconds that I liked her. But did she like me? Why didn’t she just get on the phone and say, "hey – I have a boyfriend go away?". What would have happened had I given up 15 days into calling? It took a long time to fire her up, but once we were, we fell together, we saw each other each day and things just naturally happened.

Back to the present,  unsure whether I know how to start a relationship, but I’m pretty good at just being me. Peter, on the other hand, has all kinds of rules and procedures, while he gets laid all the time, he’s really not happy.

It’s harder now for me to keep pushing if the other person doesn’t respond. Yet, my wife didn’t respond at first either. Some people take time and need to process things.