Road As fall gets underway, wanted to recap things if you've just stumbled upon this story here. The profile links on the right are indeed the best places to start. It's now over 2 years ago (May 2006) that I began this gay experience and 18 months since I've started writing this blog. You'd think I'd exhausted all my material, and yes I've made good progress, but there's a piece bit more up the road I need to go. Climb aboard, this train is leaving.

Married guy goes fruity isn't as unusual as you might think, all sorts of people write me from all over the world, you're not alone, happens everyday. I've grown most comfortable that whatever works for you, well that's what works. So long as you're being honest with yourself and those around you. Unfortunately, most of us aren't, at least not initially.

I've recognized that gay guys are deep down all quite fragile. They all have a story to tell. A burden they keep. I have one too. I'm not immune. I be they now. We all be homo (I like to speak in simple sentences for my Latino treats). So if you're feeling a bit fragile, well you're doing fine, keep going.

You may have become a sexual whore, or not. You may desire a long term relationship, or not. You may be happy just alone, or not. You may be out to no one or everyone, it's all your choice. But make sure you make a choice.

Me? I have my wife and two teenage boys. All in the know. I have many friends now in the know as well. There's Peter, my straight single friend and others who I've entrusted along the way. Last but not least is TC, my boyfriend for approaching 1 year now (depending on how you count). You'll hear a lot about these core people as you read.

Where be I on this journey? Who the hell knows. Further than I think, but still not far enough.