So I’m in Duesseldorf, one of the fashion centers for Germany, staying in a hotel near the ritzy downtown shopping district. People here are, for the most part, nicely dressed. I’ve done a bit of prowling, but the gay bar scene is all over the place, small places and peering into the windows I just didn’t see anything that interested me. Nothing like walking into a bar with only 10 people there.

Last night, I’m resigned to work away in my hotel room. I’m sufing around a bit for activities. I can’t seem to find a core website that has a “what to do” gay scene for cities around the world. Like politicals, it’s all local. I’m clicking away when up pops a window, blaring with clearly club music, hot guy on the front, it’s the quarterly “Fairy Get Out Night”, surprise surprise – it’s tonight (tomorrow is a national holiday), Worse – the venue is literally 1 block from my hotel. I guess I don’t have any excuses.

I’m still a bit unsure. I ease around the place at 10:30 p.m. – it’s a big place for sure, ropes, 2 beefy security guys out front. But not many people going in. I return to my room. Maybe I should just go to bed. 11;30 – ok I’ll take another look, it’s only a block, right?

I follow a crowd in, all very organized, check-in, pay an entrance fee, next station handing out condom packs, I continue up the stairs. Holy god, it’s a huge theater outfitted as a club, 4 levels, queers as far as the eye can see. The levels overlook each other. Tremendous light show, multiple bars. At least 500 people already in the place. Attention K-mart shoppers!

Leave it to the Germans for organization, you get a card when you enter and as you order drinks, they just stamp your card, you pay when you leave based upon the number of stamps. Lose the card, you get hit with a maximum charge (which also assumes you’re maximum trashed).

Mixed audience of people. The German guys are all in great shape. I’m snap the photo here and send it Peter and my Chicago friend, “guess where I’m at”. Unfortunately, Germans aren’t known to be overly friendly with each other. No one is hitting on each other. No glances or friendly hellos. You gotta come with your own group. No random mixing.

Chicago friend calls me on my mobile, it’s killing him that I’m out. Screaming over the music that I’m not sure I’m looking for trouble, but hey, opportunities can arise. He wishes me luck.

I leave 2 a.m. having spoken with no one. It had gotten really crowded, you could barely move. Interesting, the catagories of guys that I can clearly discern. Unfortuately, white dudes don’t do it for me, I miss my Latino influences, warm eyes and passionate. Bunch of Turkish guys, right flavor but looking more like gangsters with slicked back hair and enough silver jewlery to set off airport security as you park your car.