Peter slams his keys on the bar top. “You’re buying the first round is how I see it”, he says. Oh no. We’re sitting on the rooftop terrace of the Local 16 bar/restaurant last night.

Peter has, with my prodding, made a noble call to Mary to explain why he no longer wishes to see her. “That was awkward, but fine”, Peter explains. “Then she wanted to understand what she could have done different. I did the classic, it’s not you it’s me, routine. Then she got nasty, telling me I was emotionally immature and insensitive and on she went”, he continued. Ooops, I had forgotten about the “bitch” element women can have!

“So then what”, I asked. “I hung up on her”, Peter replied. Nice. “She called back, I didn’t answer, I just sent her a text message telling her never to call me again. I didn’t like her that much to begin with.”

I reflect on this. Peter, no doubt, sent a signal to this girl that he liked her (when in fact he really didn’t). The reason Mary is pissed, she got the wrong signal from him and is mad for the deception. Thinking, if I like someone and think they like me, I’ll quickly put myself out there with no reservations. But what if I run into my own “Peter”, how will I behave? I’m not sure I up for the pain associated with these encounters, but what other choice do I have? I’m not likely to change my outgoing behavior.

Better fasten my seat belt a tad tighter.