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Weekend, at a house warming party, apartment over looking the Potomac, both Peter and Paul (my two good friends also attending). Drink in hand, sitting on couch, bored, I’m thumbing thru a DC in-the-know style magazine up pops a photo of TV guy and some girl. He’s so cute, driving me crazy. I quickly close the magazine. Time for a new drink.

Standing on the balcony, Peter/Paul are engaged in a conversation with my wife about “what are you  going to do about Chris?”. I’m thinking, excuse me, I’m standing here, helloooo! My wife calmly answers that many of her friends encouraged her to immediately divorce me. But that she felt that seemed to be the answer for many American couples when faced with adversity, get divorced (obviously she’s forgotten about Bill Clinton). She went on that nobody but her and I understood all the elements of our relationship.

Later that night, she told me if I wanted to go live my gay life, that I should just go, we’d still be a family and friendly, but I owed it to myself to be happy and she owed it to herself the right to be happy as well. Pretty mature.

I’m telling Peter this later, I’ve been a bit distressed for straying to the younger guys, guys in my age range just plain make me sick. He’s comforting. “You both are quite young in looks and attitudes, so it’s no surprise you relate well to younger people. You both are gonna figure this out on your own terms, give it time, you’ve both passed the point of being hurt & angry.”


  1. Love your blog.
    My wife and I are pretty much at that same point. We are living separately together. Eventually I’ll move out when she done with school and working. She understands that we both have a right to be happy. Not everyone sees it that way.

  2. Just one word.. Wow. Your wife seems like an amazing person.
    Nothing wrong with liking younger guys. You really can’t help it if that’s what you gravitate towards. I dated older men for the longest LOL, I almost typed in ‘longer men’.

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