Is any of this stuff helping you? You can write me, feed me a comment. I'm needy, what can I say!

Over this past weekend, Tiger Cub and I were holed at my friend's Peter's apartment in Washington's gayborhood. He's got a huge Plasma TV and virtually every option purchasable from the cable company. I'm channel surfing all 954 channels (who'd of thought – nothing on) and hit the LOGO channel. Logo is the homochannel for those who haven't heard about it.

I got caught up in documentary about gays in small towns and how their lives went. One guy was driving 90 miles to get the nearest gay bar. A center for his entire social being. The story was heartful about the horrors of being gay in small town America, alone and afraid in many cases. I'm bitching about how crappy the DC gayborhood is and not even thinking about Iowa (or Ohio for that matter). It's all relative.

A scene from the movie "Milk" was Harvey talking to this young kid in Minnesota who was queer and asking for advice. Harvey told the kid to get on a bus and head to the nearest major city, LA, SFO, NYC, DC, wherever, just get out now, cause it ain't gonna get better. Now I'm sure things have certainly changed with the Internet, but perhaps not so much. Life in a small town can't be easy.

As much as I bash gay guys sometimes, I do know that most are willing to lend a helping hand to someone in need, you just need to reach out. Help is not far away.