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Image248 He's asleep right now upstairs, naked as a jay bird, likely over on my side of the bed using my pillow again, the blanket is over his head and his long black hair is pinned up "princess" style. A random toe occasionally pokes out a bit from under the duvet. It's all warm and toasty in there. This is TC, otherwise known as Tiger Cub, TC, or as Peter refers to him, "TP3" (Travel Puppy 3, still not sure who 1 or 2 were). I actually just call him "pup".

Early last Saturday night, we were out and TC suddenly leans over and whispers in my ear, "I love you". I don't react and stare out into the crowd. This obviously agitates him,so he comes closer, "did you hear me, I said I love you". I smile back at him. He's known for a long time that I love him too. TC doesn't like to say his deepest feelings and this vocal expression was a big step for him.

I love you. Big words to lay on anyone. Some of us use the term freely, some only in a hidden moment, and for others not at all. It's a personal thing and expression and it's meaning can vary from one person to the next. All subject to interpretation. The fear being your interpretation may vary from that of the other person.

I accept his love and he's trying hard to please me, probably recognizing more with time my contribution to the relationship and a view to the bigger issues I'm contending with. On I go.


  1. Ahh. He sounds like a good pup. Did you say it back?

  2. Bless! He’s very sweet and despite his faults (and yours), it sounds like you two are morphing into a nice little couple! Hugs!

  3. So are you getting him a ring soon?

  4. Oh. Shucks. It’s so cute.

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