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Just call me Brittany, ooops I did it again

Image404 Sorry for going off the air suddenly. But like all things in our lives, there's always a story behind it. In the last 48 hours, I left DC, went to Germany and London and now I'm back in DC, covering almost 9000 miles. An to think – I'm not even running for anything.

The story begins, sitting at the Dulles Airport, bored, using my handy Blackberry, I fired off a short blog posting "I'll be back". No big deal have done this before. Only I have a new Blackberry and it wasn't configured correctly so the blog posting had my name, mobile number and corporate email address. Oops.

A DC reader who I've met, luckily read the posting and texted me of the fault. I'm sitting on the plane ready to go to Frankfurt. Damn. Think think think. I call Prof. Tim and give him my password and he goes online and deletes the posting. Time elapsed 20 minutes. The plane door closes, all is well, or so I think, and off into the skies I fly.

Unfortunately, life isn't that easy. Google is super fast, seems in that mere 20 minutes, the search sleuth indexed my blog posting. Worse – it picked up my company name and in mere milliseconds triggered a "news" alert to anyone who was following the company.

I'm now over Long Island, blissfully munching my Indian vegetarian meal (I'm going brown in stages, planning for nachos on the way back).

Meanwhile, a lady in my company's PR dept gets the alert, finds it interesting and walks down to our corporate legal offices and happens to talk to Angie, one of our lawyers and the sexiest woman on the face of the earth, who luckily knows my situation. Angie panics and calls Peter, my straight friend. Peter starts to panic as well and he, like the rest of the free world, calls my gay Chicago friend – Professor Tim for help. They are all now panicking that perhaps hundreds of people who are in my company or follow it got a similar alert and are now busy reading this blog.

I'm now approaching Newfoundland, and no, I couldn't possibly drink another white wine, thanks for offering.

The gods must have been with me, because Prof. Tim had my password to control this blog. Peter and Prof. Tim decide to shut the blog down. Time elapsed, less than 2 hours.

I land at Frankfurt in the cold, wet, darkness at 6 a.m. local time. I'm standing on the train platform and my Blackberry goes nuts with the details. I look longingly at the train tracks, wondering, one small step and BANG, it will all be over.

Arriving in Cologne, Germany – I quickly log on to my web stats and lucky for me, no unusual activity or visitors. I wait in silence. Angie, Peter and Prof. Tim are on maximum radar sweep and they also hear nothing. Perhaps this tree really did fall in the forest and no one heard it.

Password protection will remain on for a while longer until this storm has passed.


  1. Wow, that’s good that you and your friends got this all under control pretty quick after it happened. Crazy how it got indexed that fast in Google.
    Take care 🙂

  2. Chris – perhaps you don’t want to hear this but my Google Reader picked up that “erroneous post” and I can still call it up.
    I can still see the following details:
    Chris [your surname] tel XXX.XXX.XXXX email:
    You might see if you can find a way to expunge the post completely.

  3. Hope you are able to control the damage…’s still the best blog around.

  4. OMG! What a story!!!! The power of the internet….

  5. Phew! How crazy is that!!! I thought something really terrible had happened to you and TC or something. So I am somewhat relieved that it was just a technical hitch! 🙂

  6. I’m so glad you’re back. I missed you! You’re part of my routine. Morning coffee, daily read of “My Journey Out.” What would I do without the adventures of Chris? Please don’t go away again!! (And I’m glad nothing awful happened to you or TC!)

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