Do you have one of those friends that you feel like you’re the one always calling to do something? Wanna go out for drinks? Wanna go to the movie? Seems like you are always the one dialing their number. Would they simply sit in their little boxes, growing moss, if you didn’t call?

I’m pretty bad about doing most of the work for someone I like. I over communicate. I’ll arrange everything. You just sit there, sugar daddy has it all under control. If TC needed me to breath for him, I’d probably figure out how to do it.

Peter has always told me it’s about balance in a relationship. Each person has to do their fair share, contribute to the good, for a relationship to have value. I’m afraid I’ve not let Chris contribute and put in his sovereigns. He’s wanted to buy drinks, but I didn’t let him. He’s offered to run down to the corner store to pick something up, but I dash down myself. We need to allow those in our life to contribute. Equilibrium.

This friend of mine is always calling me, inviting me to this or that and I’m always declining with a “The man on television told me to say tuned” type of excuse. Realized it’s because he’s always asking me, I never get to ask. So tonight, I invited him to lunch tomorrow. I think he was stunned and sputtered out an immediate yes.

I may not be too smart, but I can be trained and I can be yours for a small down payment.