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Gay married man coming out story

Is this progress?

Long discussion with TV Guy tonight. I’m not going to NYC, unless I want to permanently leave home. He understands. In fact, talking to him I realize that most of the guys he’s been with were older (he’s 30) and were either married or bi-sexual. He understanding and supportative. He clearly likes straight guys.

I don’t have huge chemistry with him and his maintenance requirements equal the sum total of every guy I’ve every meet. But despite his youth, he’s comforting for me.

He asked me if I’d ever hit on Peter. No. Have you thought about it? No. What about if you two got trashed together, then what? Well we’ve already done that on numerous ocassions and NO. Ok, just checking.

I’m beating around the bush. I have something that has been bothering me of lately and frankly I haven’t wanted to blog about it. It’s personal and potentially revealing. I’m gonna think some more about how to present it to you.

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  1. Are you sure you want your laser imploding you?

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