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Image333 I'm booked to return to Washington next week. Tiger Cub will fly with me, he's all excited as he gets to be upgraded with me (I didn't tell him I'm planning on shoving his tender brown rump up in to the overhead compartment). I'll toss Peter out of his apartment for a couple of days and I'll give TC the tour of our nation's capital. JR's, Cobalt, Nellie's Sports Bar, he'll want to check out the gayborhood. Sniffing along for any signs of my previous life in DC. After London and even Cologne, he's likely to be disappointed in the nightlife though. I'll be in the US for almost 3 weeks, much to sort out. I'm thinking about taxes unfortunately.

Tax laws favor traditional families. If you get divorced, your tax status changes. Alimony payments are tax deductible, child support payments are not. The IRS has strict rules about the gain exclusions on your primary residence, you have to have lived there in 2 of the last 5 years, which basically means, you need to sell the place within 3 years of moving out. In Virginia, you need to be separated at least 1 year before a divorce can be granted. This means you have only 2 years to sell your home and exclude a sizeable gain. Right now life is easy, my permanent residence is still in Virginia, simple. But somethings going to have to change and make one mistake and the tax man wins.

Let's factor in I may work as a European employee next year and face double taxation and reporting and it's no wonder I'm gonna need a tax consultant and attorney to help us sort it all out. Shit this ain't easy.

I'm thinking what would take my mind off all this … nah, evil monkey thoughts.


  1. Sounds like things are on the up for you and TC which is great; he obviously enjoys being your cute toyboy … have a safe flight.
    Now for the boring bit. Not an american myself but always thought that the US was one of the few countries in the world where income taxes follow you abroad.

  2. Will there’s one solution to the house……deed it over to her.

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