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I lied, so how is that new?

TC is safely back in London. Lucky for me, I trained it down to Frankfurt for a business meeting today, Damit. I miss him, sorry, I'm whipped. I found a half full bottle of water under the bed this afternoon, top open, laying on it's side, I have no idea how or why, but TC is likely behind the story. It's been like living with a squirrel with him, crap all over the place, but it's the sweet moments I remember.

But I have a dirty little secret to tell. I've lied to you a little. I'm going to the US on Saturday and arranged myself to fly via London. I arrive in London Friday morning. TC and I will have one more night. I'm so whipped, it's pityful isn't it. A shame to watch. But it's love or so I think. You get your own damn 23 year old and call me and tell me how it feels, I'm keeping mine busy.

Worse, the ever mindful Professor Tim in Chicago is going to fly over to Washington next weekend to see me. We've managed to get Peter (my straight friend) to leave his DC apartment in the gayborhood to us for a couple of days. Topping things off (notice how I worked that in), it's Pride Weekend in DC. No Mexican will be safe. Professor Tim and I will be working border patrol. The reality is, I appreciate his effort.

I'm not going to do a long distance love. Nope ain't going to, I know how that ends. Missed phone calls, missed communications and a whole lot of angst with a few scant moments of pleasure. You're always saying good-bye. TC and I are going to have to figure out pretty quickly where we're headed, no point in wasting each other's time. Love is a fragile thing. I'll give it some time, though sitting in Cologne Germany on a Saturday night alone isn't going to be a long term option.


  1. Does TC know that you’re coming for a visit??? Or is it a surprise??? 🙂 Enjoy!!!

  2. You and TC are so cute together. It’s love and faithfullness all the way with the two of you. Keep it up. Keep blogging. It’s great to see such a steady couple as you and TC. You two have so much in common.

  3. Will you even make it into London proper for just mess up one of those airport hotel beds?

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