I have a big dick

I’m meeting my Indonesian friend at a local bar. I’m not looking to stir up anyone new, content as I am with TC, but I’ll still chat with someone (old habits die hard).

So there is this cute black guy, late 20′s, maybe even (god forbid me relaxing my standards) early 30′s, nicely dressed, friendly face, he’s been eyeing me for sometime, hot stud that I am (right). I pass by him as I’m heading for the bar and pause to say hello. We’re talking along and he’s obviously quite interested in me and suddenly out comes the statement, “I have a really big dick” followed by a quick smile.

His statement sorta stunned me. I wasn’t looking to hook-up. But this unique form of advertisment was unusual to say the least. “I have a really big dick”, I mean where does a conversation go from there, I’m thinking. A bit stunned, I smiled and walked away. Speechless for the first time.

Now I’ve gone out with a bunch of black guys and based upon that limited sample, yes indeed black guys often are well endowed. But I’m not particularly turned on by a big dick or necessarily turned off by a small dick. Isn’t the person as a whole more important?

Perhaps it’s my limited experience. Perhaps it’s just the venues I frequent. But I’d really rather just be with nice people.

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