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It’s 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, a school night, I’m driving home, my Bluetooth wireless is rattling in my ear, Peter is screaming at me. I have misbehaved and now I’m doing it in the gay world as well. Peter is disappointed in me. The story unfolds.

Peter & I are having dinner at DuPont Circle. I’ved called TV Guy, he always responds, god love him, he’s so sweet to me. Peter figures TV Guy hangs out mainly with straight people so he has learned to tune himself. TV Guy texts back to meet him at Halo. I’m scampering down the street like a dog in heat.

TV Guy is outside Halo, as always, doing a business call and he’s got this smoking and I mean smoking hot girl with him. Peter is just giddy. But I want my private time with TV guy and something just hits me. Peter & I enter Halo, trying to order a drink. A young Asian, I’m thinking Japanese mix, is standing alone, well dressed, nice hair, delicate features and of course beautiful eyes about 5’9″. I beckon him over. Daniel is 26, and just arrived in town, staying with a friend, very smart, muliple degrees, clearly high maintenance (another Chris trademark). Daniel has eyes for Peter. Peter doesn’t care. Peter wanders off after a few minutes.

I like Daniel and I’m mad at TV Guy for some reason. Just call me bitch. I’m asking Daniel all sorts of questions, we’re having a good conversation. I look into his eyes. Shit. He’s gone for me. I know that point where you’ve won someone over. The point where I should be closing the deal. But I’m not doing one night deals any longer (at least on my home court). TV Guy is gone from my mind.

Daniel suddenly gets aggressive with me. “I’m gonna f*ck you and make it hurt”. Now I didn’t figure Daniel played in that position, but OK. I’m not all hung up on who does what, things happen as they do. I continue to question him and he’s actually very submissive but somewhere along the line someone took advantage of that attribute, so he fights it. Almost like he doesn’t want someone to really touch his feelings. A shield.

We’re both a bit loopy, leaving Halo to get some air, I have no Plan “B”. Walking towards DuPont Circle, he suddenly bolts away from me. He runs down the street and out of sight. No word, nothing. I don’t pursue him.

I’m not shocked. No gay guy will surprise me anymore. It’s not me, it’s them. I pause in the Circle. It’s a nice night. A few minutes later Daniel is callingĀ  and emerges from a dark street back into the Circle.

He explains that he likes me and just got scared of himself. I assure him that I’d rather take him to dinner next week than have some drunken encounter and yes I’m in charge here. I make the rules. He likes that. He’s laying on me on a bench in the Circle, a light mist is falling, it’s romantic. I’ve stopped talking. He just wants to be understood.

I flag a cab, kiss him, hand the driver a twenty and tell Daniel to go home. 30 minutes later, Daniel calls, he’s so sweet, thanking me for everything, it’s like I touched on nerve on him.

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  1. hmm i didnt realize we lived in the same town. we do.

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