“You seem totally different today, confident, energetic, sure of yourself”, Brian (my ever present therapist) says to me. Yup, I’m almost back to full power, my propellers are turning again. I’m thinking, just wait until you see the SOB in me return. 15 minutes into our 50 minute session, I look at the clock, I’m done, nothing else to say. I must be better.

Off to a long postponed dinner with some ex-colleagues, I ask Peter to tag along. Georgetown, waterfront – god does anyone in Washington DC know how to dress?

“What did I do wrong?” Peter leans over mid-way thru dinner and shows me this text message from Mary. He found Mary on Match.com and they’ve been on a couple of dates. I’ve read her profile, attractive girl, sincere, just trying to meet someone nice. “Well? What’s this about?”, I ask. “I’m not answering her phone calls nor replying to her text messages”, said Peter. Why? “Because, I decided I really don’t like her that much” OK, why don’t you just tell her that. “Because, she’ll want to know why and it will end up being some negotation between us, the fact is we just don’t have chemistry together”, Peter concluded.

I start thinking about Mary, she obviously likes Peter, she’s done nothing wrong, but somewhere in the city this night she’s sitting thinking about him and probably unhappy, probably wondering what she did or could do to get him interested. Alas, there is nothing, it just is.

Me? Southern manners, a gentlemen, decent chap a Brit would say – I’d call her up and have the conversation (or I’d like to think I would). It’s the honourable & proper thing to do. Painful as it may be.

Mary should drop Peter, she’s the better for it. Thinking about my own situation, I’m going to be out n’ about meeting new people, I’d like to find someone to date, but if they don’t play fair, I’m not wasting cycles, nice people are hard to find, I’m nice, I’ll keep looking if you’re not.