Sitting in office, email bongs, it’s William. Haven’t heard from him in a long time. His email is a page and half long. Basically he’s not happy with one of my blog postings. I had made some flippant comment about the taxes I paid reference his salary. I don’t read the whole email. He’s upset. I know him well enough. I open my blog, read the posting, yes I sound arrogant, don’t want to sound that way. So no big deal, don’t desire to upset him and no need to be more arrogant than I already am, I simply delete the posting. Thanks for the tip.

Few minutes later, I read the entire email. It’s a virtual character assassination of me, complete with bullet points of my downfalls (I was waiting for the footnote references). I’m one really bad person according to William. He concludes, “I truly wish you the best of luck”. I’m thinking it would have been more appropriate to end with my favorite, “f*ck you, strong letter to follow”. I print it out and wander down the hall to Peter and throw it on his desk. “I hope you didn’t reply to this?”, Peter immediately asks. Reply, shit I deleted the posting.

“No – tell me you didn’t, why did you do that, he wins”. Wins, wins what, I’m thinking. Peter continues, “do you think he wrote all this crap to help you out, make you feel better? NO! He wrote that to make himself feel better and you played right back into his hand. You should have dealt with this like you do 99% of the emails you get in the office.” And that would be? “Do f*ck all, don’t answer, don’t reply, don’t do anything, let him stew, don’t give him any satisfaction. Now he went home thinking he was right.” Me? I went home thinking, did I put that bottle of Rose in the frig.

But this isn’t business, it’s personal. I made a judgment about William months ago. He’s a good person and I like him, like anyone he has his flaws, I certainly have more than my share, if I forget any of them, I can just refer back to his email. So like a duck, this just rolls off of me. I head out for dinner, I’ve got a date tonight.