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Happy Hour 9 a.m.


Where am I you ask, in this journey to nowhere? The meltdown of the US financial markets will send my high tech software employer who has far to many employees with way too little revenue into a panic mode, setting off rumours of layoffs. My wife tells me she's dating a nice older gentlemen. My Tiger Cub is up in Canada whimpering that he misses me each night. And I have no idea where I'm living, a bit of a vagabond. Make that a double, please.

Stress. It's never one big thing that puts you over the edge. It's the series of minor annoyances layered on until the accumulation takes it's toll. I can see the flakes falling. The challenge is remembering you can and will power through it, keep a steady hand on tiller, no crazy behaviour, keep fit and eat your vegetables.

My wife is seeing a 58 year old widower who travels in the Middle East as some economic consultant. I'm happy for her. Our youngest son isn't happy his mother is seeing another man and she wants me to talk with him about it. She's stressed with me here, she's also stressed as I layout what I see happening around me. Things likely to get worse before they get better. Obama bin Laden and his hidden plan to tax the crap out of us to "help" America will be gasoline on a fire. The perfect storm is brewing. It's too late to move to cash.

The fight though will continue. I had drinks with one of our smoking hot woman lawyers last night. A woman who could bring me back over the edge. Sizzling. Prada shoes, Rolex watch, low cut blouse, stylish and sexy in a tight 30 yo package. Worse she likes older men ("here kitty kitty kitty"). Peter (my good friend who I haven't written about lately) is targeting her. She's in the middle of divorce and talking about her sex life. I've got a good buzz on and decide to tell her about my situation (it is a situation right?).

She is very supportive and wants us to hang out together, dinners, etc. while she sorts her life out. Attractive and fun what more can I ask for. With my new "gay" star, her sexually descriptions get a whole lot more explicit. Women are all such dirty girls.

The story continues.


  1. …and you’re such a dirty boy! 🙂 I’m happy for your wife – she seems like a lovely lady and I’m glad she might be finding a measure of happiness out of this situation.

  2. Kristoferos:
    I was bowled over by the fact that your wife was seeing a 58-year old widow until I read down to “seeing another man” and my inner third grade teacher rubbed her hands in glee–you DID mean “widower.”
    Sequence of strange emotions there: it did happen to one friend of mine… when his wife left him for his best friend’s wife, he was left with the best friend. Who is now more than his best friend.
    It’s a mad world, my masters.

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