Note to reader: Peter, my good straight friend, loves to read this blog and finds it horribly entertaining. He’s been after me to let him do a guest posting. So here is it. I apologize in advance, if you thought I was nasty, just wait.

Yes, that’s right.  The whole world comes full circle eventually.  I can hear it already, how can a straight man provide any sort of guidance; the gay lifestyle is so drastically different than anything a straight man might have encountered.  To those inner monologues that I was just listening in on…get over yourself.

Here’s the great part.  Love, lust, companionship, fucking or just hanging out, it all activates the same neural-receptors.  Its all the same thing.  You can learn about these emotions from 14 year old puppy love and 80 year old wrinkly retirement home fornication, you just need to open your eyes and watch.

I’ve been conlisiere to Chris for several months now and i’ve heard all your stories, hangups, dysfunction, etc.  It reminds me of 1st grade.  I’ve heard a lot of "so and so might like me but I sort of remind him of this guy he dated in St. Louis who manifested some of Stalin’s minor defects and that’s not really what I’m looking for at this point in my life, with my career and apartment weighing so heavily in my day to day value system".  Wow, that certainly has created a chubby in my pants.  Its not about you, its about them (or at least you-2nd-person-plural, a gramatical tool not found outside the romance languages).  Remember, its a lot more fun to play with someone elses balls than to take yours home and play by yourself.

Now that I’ve most certainly alientated all readers, please take a breathe.  You’re upset because I’m right and also because those paragraphs are a little hostile.  So lets dial it back a bit. 

When you meat someone (haha), focus on the positive.  There will be plenty of time to work out the rub points but relationships are like nuclear reactions, you need to reach critical mass early, or else all you have is a fallout matter that is difficult to get rid of.  With critical mass reached earlier, you will have credits with your partner that you can mutually trade later when things get a bit more difficult.  So, in the beginning, just go with it.  This doesn’t mean first night shags, this means if you like someone, tell them.  If they make you feel special, let them know.  If they start a fire somewhere down deep that you don’t like to talk about, whisper that in their ear.  It doesn’t neccesarily mean you should grab their cock underneath the table.  That’s just infantile and disrespectful.  You must always respect the cock.

I think there is a reason behind this.  When men meet women, there is a socialogically imposed concept of mutual attraction.  That is to say, men meet women and are automatically expected to put their penis’ inside the woman to make a baby.  We see this exemplified by our parents, movies, songs and most other aspects of modern culture.  Now gay men need re-create this concept

In the beginning of a relationship there are several goals but most of them revolve around the concept of "a connection".