Eduardo surfaced yesterday. He reads this blog. Buenos días Princesa, ¿llega tarde, como siempre? 🙂 He’s trying to be nice, but the ball is in his court now. He knows I crave his Latino passion and I have to keep things interesting and simmering for him. We’ll see. I’ll write nice things for now, Latino anger is 100% diametric of their passion, best witnessed from a neighboring state.

It’s Capital Pride Week in DC and all the fags are out in force. You can’t walk 2 feet in Dupont without tripping over some couple in from the countryside. It’s nice to see, but let me state, after 5 years old, the majority of guys just don’t look good in short pants. I’m in the city later today to pick-up some apartment paperwork and my nut job session, I may venture into the night to see what’s happening.

There’s a parade and festival on Saturday/Sunday and I’m going to come in for that to get a sense, it actually sounds kinda of fun. Maybe I can drag Peter with me (I’ll pick up any strays who attach to him).