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Sunday 5.30 a.m. TC is calling (it’s 10.30 in London). He insisted I reroute my London number so he could reach me anywhere at anytime. This means home, office or mobile. I am the easiest person to find. “Are you sleeping?“. No shit.  “OK I will call back later“. 7.15 a.m., another call. “Still sleeping?“.  The answer continues to be yes. For someone about to dump me, he’s still seems quite interested in staying in touch.

On Friday night, Peter and his fiance SSK (super sexy kitten) and I went out. Got trashed, ate dinner, drank some more and came home and drunk texted a bunch of people. Some of my best writing albeit full of misspellings happen at these dark hours. SSK is keen to put me back into circulation, already planning events to introduce me to new people, suggesting I get back on She asked the hard question —what am I looking for?

That’s a real good question and a really good answer will be short in length, non-specific in nature and generic in every sense of the word. Sadly, I haven’t crafted my response as yet. In short, I am prepared to be impressed by basically anyone.

Do I have a type? YES I do. He’s brown, 135 lbs, about 5’8”, shaggy black hair, bitches almost continuously, sleeps all day, stays up all night, disorganized, takes 2 hour baths, has all kinds of particular food requirements and rarely comes when called. Is that specific enough for you?  I’ve only found 1 person so far who meets my criteria, so perhaps I’m gonna have to be a bit more open in my future selection.

So on this rainy, cold, wet day in our Nation’s Capital. I wait, wait for the days to pass, looking for a break to happen.


  1. He’s so cute, checking up on you. So, you never did finish your post about your marriage proposal to him. Did he accept? When is the wedding? And why is SSK trying to set you up with

  2. At least you know what you are looking for!

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