TC is pretty reserved sexually, it’s a matter of earning his trust. I like that, trust is important to creating a foundation. He’d asked me the other night when I was last “tested”. Well, it was 10 months ago when I asked my doctor to run a full series of blood tests. I figured it was time to go again.

I headed downtown to the Whitman-Walker Clinic which offers free walk-in testing using the OraQuick mouth swab which produces results in 20 minutes. I was a tad nervous, but a quick form fill out and I was escorted to a small room and a nurse asks me a few simple questions, swabbed my mouth and put me into a small private waiting area. 20 min later – I’m all clean and I have a piece of paper to wave under Chris’s nose (or other body parts of my choosing).

To celebrate, Peter and I go to dinner, walking back to my car decide to pop in this little pub for a “one last drink” and a game of pool. Out of the corner eye, I spy William who I haven’t seen or heard from in months. We act like we don’t see each other, I walk by and suddenly turn in his face.

He’s so cute, just adorable, sparkling eyes, all preppy dress. He looked great. We spoke and it only took a brief moment for a familiar tone between us to emerge. It was nice. Peter, who had never met him, thought he was in his late 20’s. William is quite young looking. Despite all the upheaval, we actually got along quite well and he has the power & maturity to deal with me. So a touch of sadness. Missed opportunities abound.