“Did you clean my apartment”, Peter asks as he drives back from NYC. After the episode with Daniel last week, Peter gave me a key for “emergency” purposes to his apartment. Emergency is only loosely defined. Not helping matters, Peter will temporarily relocate to Park City UT for ski season in a couple of weeks, leaving his apartment vacant. I’ve volunteered to drop by occasionally to make sure the refrigerator light is still working. Yeah, right. OK so I can’t pull a fast one on you guys.

Prof. Tim along with a number of my colleague are in Boston. He’s beckoning me to grab the shuttle up tonight. I tell him I’m going down the hookup route as I’m disappointed in the deeper stuff. He replies, “that’s where most people land”. Really? I admonish him for leading me to ill-repute. The reply “I’m not leading you anywhere, just pushing you along your chosen path .. slutty n’ wasted.” Who says I don’t have friends?

I’ll see Tim in Chicago in a couple of weeks. The pop Mexican band Camila is playing at the House of Blues and I”M GOING. 500k Mexicans in Chicago, be still my beating heart. Tim is downright tickled to have a partner in crime in his city. Hey – Eduardo – you wanna come with? You can bring your brother for protection. I’m gonna stay at the Hotel SAX!!!!