A repost of something I wrote and then deleted, so date of the original writing is out of sequence for the blog.

Image315 Peter has told me that you figure people out in 14 seconds. You know if you like'em, dislike'em, hate'em or wanna marry'em. We all have the capability, it's more a matter of  listening to ourselves. Stop, hear the silence, it will to talk to you.

Meeting Rick (my brown encounter) the other night, I knew well within a minute that I liked him. Sure his packaging was right down my alley, but he could have just as easily been a turn-off. I remember the people I liked instantly, my wife, Ramez (my marketing intern), Eduardo (the stylish & intelligent Mexican guy), William (my oldest encounter) and of course TC. But past this initial stage comes another test, a harder one, the test of time.

I watch far too many people try and hold to relationships that they know deep down just aren't working. I have friends whose marriages don't have any spark, they're bored. Occasionally and it's rare, I do see or hear about couples that have it "going on". Prof. Tim telling me how parents still go at each other now years into their marriage. Good for them, I hope that for all of us. TC calling today. He's worn out from a family baby party yesterday. But I'm feeling something else. I'm feeling like next Tuesday, he won't be boarding the plane to Europe. Perhaps this whole crabs incident has unsettled him. Maybe he did cheat on me and is wondering whether it's sign that I'm not the "one". Or maybe he thinks I cheated and thus not worthy of his effort. Whatever it is, I have a feeling.

Perhaps I'm unduly worried, classic German, but best to be over prepared than caught short. I'm ready to be impressed if Tiger Cub shows up (he has his ticket), it's a big step for him and I'll be there to support him. He can't fail.

But if he backs down, I'm not going to "sweet" talk him. I've never had good long term experience with helping change someone's mind. Cutting one's losses and moving on it never easy, but sometimes you can't go on, until you give up.