Peter is just plain giddy. We’re sitting at Gazuza, a lounge/restaurant just off DuPont circle. It’s 10 p.m. and still hot & muggy outside, my hair is a wet with sweat. “Let’s see if I understand this correctly, YOU, a person whose first question at a hotel is to ask about the thread count on their sheets, are planning on sleeping on an inflatable bed? Did I understand that correctly?”, Peter can barely contain himself. I have only a 2 word response, which is getting more popular with me each day.

But Peter turns his serious side, “You’ve got to get your social network going so you start to understand how those people behave”. I’m not sure I should be offended, “those people”, wouldn’t that be me too. He’s right though, I’ve not got enough experiences to understand the group dynamics, mine have mainly been family oriented for the last 4000 years. Are they different than other groups?

I’m dreading putting myself out there, for every 1 nice person you meet, you’ll meet another 9 that simply don’t fit with you. The good news, I’m airborne again tomorrow, I can only push things so far so fast and until then I’ll focus on making money.