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Peter has asked me not to write about him anymore. Not that he cares, a former GF (sweet girl, I’d marry her) found it and he doesn’t (for some strange reason) want her reading about him. OK. But one last story (he he). Peter is out tonight with a 19 year old girl (he’s 32) that he found on I’ve reminded him of the world of sh*t he gave me about Eduardo (26 year old Latino who I still can’t get over).  Peter should start his own blog.

The contrast between women seeking men and men seeking men on is amazing. Titles like “Girl seeing romantic guy”, “Beautiful young lady in search of wonderful man”, “Ready for that great guy in my life” contrast sharply with the titles over in the men seeking men section, “I need head and maybe more”, “Barely legal bottom”, “Outdoor Sex?”.

With the underground nature of gay life and the relatively small gay male population making it difficult enough to find any relationship (sans sexual) you’d think there would be an electronic venue to make contact. Well wasn’t it, for me at least. So at 46, I still ponder how do people meet each other.

Peter, of course, had the answer. He admitted that is simply a way to keep himself busy until he meet the next great person and he fully anticipated it would be a random encounter. A person in the check-out line, via a friend, some other social setting. I agree. But I also know, many folks are scared to put themselves out there, I saw it first hand. So where do they end up? craigslist?

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  1. Yeah, and it works out pretty good. In the last 2 years (after 20+ years of marriage) I have hooked up with lots of guys via craiglist and more recently
    Most of them one time deals, but one guy was my boyfriend for 6 months until he moved away. I am very closeted and don’t trust my own gaydar; I’ve never met anyone non-electronically.

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