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Cold water and the jump

Peter (my straight friend) is screaming again at me on the phone. “Chris – you’re f*cking insane, what are you going to do? Last time I checked, being gay isn’t something you elect to be.” Well, duh.

I apologize if I’m not rushing to jump in the water here. I’m reading all kinds of gay blogs which seem to be divided into guys detailed their sexual exploits or pondering why they can’t find a “nice” guy. If you’ve been following this blog, I wouldn’t put my experiences down as either (1) unique or (2) fulfilling. I know there’s no Gay Welcome Wagon, but damn the whole process seems fairly daunting. So don’t mind me if I hang on to the straight world as long as I can.

I’d give anything to have one gay friend. Someone I could just talk to and not be interested in de-boning. It may take some time and few of us are willing to listen to other’s issues for long. But it would help. I need a guide. Tim, in Chicago, qualifies, but putting the two of us together in a Latino bar is like combining Mentos & Coke, stand back or somebody’s gonna get wet.

The good news, I’m not alone. Neither are you if you’re pulled towards reading my writings. Progress is measured in inches instead of miles and like the Space Shuttle moving out to its launch position, this beast is moving out albeit slowly.

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  1. You can email/call me anytime you want to talk. I’m a good listener.

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