Peter has been giving me a hard time. I’ve had a guy in office on my easy 7-steps to being gay program. He’s young, newly married and yes, brown. I’ve been playing a silent version of gay bingo as I inch this guy into position (sic). He likes to call or chat and I allow the conversation to go sideways sometimes, he doesn’t know how to deal with it, but like a siren song, he continues to call, he’s intrigued.

Culturely, he’s not allowed to be “gay”. The world he comes from refuses to acknowledge that gay actually exists (and it was actually illegal). But what exactly is gay? Sans some small % of the male population, isn’t just about every other male have a bit of gay capability in them? (Just waiting to be called out!) Peter cackles that I’ve got the guy at Step 6 in my process and “it’s only a matter of time now”.  OK – so I’m fishing, but it’s a catch n’ release program.

Friend from Europe here and I took him into the city over weekend (with Peter in tow). Out for a late lunch, we run into TV guy and his smoking hot female friend. Peter goes ga-ga. She is pretty hot. TV guy is hugging me and clearly in full gay mode. My friend is taking this all in, unsure what this all means. Secure in the restaurant, bottle of wine in hand, TV guy starts texting me that he wants to get us together (meaning Peter and myself) with him and his female friend. Bad doggie.