Peter (31) is a good friend, New Yorker though living in the Dupont Circle area, attractive, worldly, street smart but doesn’t know my secret. I arranged Sunday brunch with him at the Dupont Grille after looking at some apartments. He’s aware of my moving out but hasn’t asked for details.

I tell him mid-way thru a Bloody Mary. “Well, that’s certainly going to impact your marriage”. No shit. I continue on with Peter with the details along with my concern that my interests stray to much younger guys. “Guy – you always hang out with younger people, I’m worried I’m getting too old for you”, Peter injects.

Peter is OK with all of this and I start explaining the proper method for a blow job. Peter is laughing so hard the waitress comes over to make sure he’s not choking. I end on a somber note with my recent heart break, Eduardo, showing Peter the final email I got. Brunch ends and I make my way to the next apartment.

It’s raining as I leave, crossing the street to the Starbucks, I look up. OMG, it’s Eduardo standing under an awning. I gulp, my heart races. “Hi, you willing to talk to me”. He nods. I amble over. I kiss him on the neck, lingering to catch his scent. I like how he smells. I am an animal.

Drenched in rain, looking like a wet cat, he explains that he’s late for his lunch appointment (OH NO Eduarado late, no never). Batting his sultry brown eyes at me, I try not to push things. “I miss you”, I blurt out. “I know, but you know why”, he replies. I fumble in my pocket to show him all my apartment hunting materials as if for evidence of my true intentions. “I read your blog and emails”, he tells me. His guard friends arrives and I say good-bye and walk away.

God, am I bothering this guy? I have no idea but I don’t usually go nuts for anybody. I’m applying my business logic here which is unless someone tells me NO 4,000 times followed by a threat of bodily injury, it’s just a temporary NO looking for a reason to be YES.