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Gay married man coming out story

You’re not alone

Readership is up. I should threaten to jump off a building more often!

Thus I wanted to welcome new readers, those folks who google’d “gay married man” or similar and here you are (I’m #2 on Google!).  You’re looking for information, help, understanding and comfort. Well, you’ve arrived at the right destination. I know a lot of blogs seem to be what you’re looking for, but often hard to follow, characters you don’t know (or wanna know for that matter), bad writers, horrible formatting, naked pictures with no content or their favorite recipes. None of which is helpful.

So if you suck cock and have a wedding ring or wanna suck cock and have a wedding ring, you’ve arrived at the right spot for personalized assistance.

My name is Chris, I’m 49 (or 42 in gay – 39 if you’ve been drinking), I am hot, I am cute, I like my boys younger (over 21 for law enforcement officials),  definitely not over 30 (gay cemetery), I am a loyal friend, I am Christian or spiritual, I am looking for the right soul mate,  I am one of the best people I know, everyone else is fu’ked up but me and my advice is  probably the best you’ll ever get, my banana nut bread recipe is to die for and I have a signed Madonna picture in my bedroom. In short, I am the perfect queer.

Ooops .. now I’m really sounding like all the other gay bloggers.

Look I’m was just an normal business guy who was living his woeful life in the suburbs with his little wife and kiddies and then bad shit started to happen. I decided to document what was happening, unabridged, unrehearsed and un-retouched and as it happened. I just wrote it all down and put it on the Internet for all to read. And boy did all read. I did some things right, I’ve done a whole lot wrong, like any story, some boring parts and a couple of cliff hangers moments.

Right now I have a fucking mess of mass proportion with all sorts of impending doom. Start from the beginning, it’s a much happier story.

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  1. Oh Chris, in that short time of uncovering your gayness, you’ve really come far. Look how witty you are now, with the quick quips and repartee. And you’ve quickly discovered your flair for the dramatic. Don’t ever change.

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