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I ain’t been writing. Ain’t been. I’m hellishly working, which I find highly overrated. ¬†When I’m not working, Scrappy Doo and I are out exploring our new city, Sydney, Australia. For those not in the know, water goes down the drain counter-clockwise here, always amazes me. Scrappy is here, and yes, there is drama, seemingly nonstop. But he beds down next to me each night and whatever was was and tomorrow will be a new day. It’s mostly our normal sparking, nothing too serious.

Scrappy hasn’t gone out a single night by himself. He’s totally become a house cat. But that makes him 100% reliant on me. That’s OK. The weather has been good, warm, cool, not too cool. The boys are buff beyond belief. Plenty of Asian snackie treats for me to oogle at. But yes, we’re well and together. (Photo from today)


  1. Pls write about your visits to Bondi when you go. Oh, perhaps this isn’t the season… but I’ll bet still worthwhile. Spent fine several days there “sightseeing.”

  2. Australia is a great country to visit…..have fun enjoying all that man candy (well you’re allowed to look at least).

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