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I’m a Oyamel last night with a California friend. It’s a Mexican restaurant near Verizon Center. Most DC places are over priced and mediocre. Oyamel is fantastic, no beans n’ rice, no Tex Mex, real elegant & complex Mexican food and the price was reasonable. But enough of that. My radar went off on this truly sexy Latino guy, at the bar next to us while we waited, late 20’s, well dressed and he could tell by his stance, well heeled,  he was with his sister and another guy. I got busted by his sister as I did my own tiger thing by inhaling the air around him to sniff out every scent. I am an animal.

Speaking of radar, Rob @ Below the Radar and I have written each other off and on for several years. We often seem to have similar thoughts. He’s concluded that young gay guys are fucked up in the head and he’s only working the over 35 age group.

I tend to believe that “fucked up in the head” is a permanent disability so given a choice, I’ll take’em younger. Witness, my friend Clay, 41. He’s trying to edit my copy for the website we’ve been working on. Why? You’re about to find out. He wants to change the word “gay community” in a sentence. Clay believes some gay men find negative the word “gay community”. Huh? I suggested we simplify it to “guys who like to take up the ass”. Funny how no one has a sense of humor anymore. Can you imagine worrying about something like this. Well Clay does and it’s just one of his long list of worries.

So here you be, a fruit at some later age, got plenty of your own issues, baggage and emotions on the side. Did your whoring around (or continuing, which seems to be the norm) and now looking for the next stage and wondering what that is.

Based upon my writings, my ‘general’ advice (I’m allowed to give ‘general’ advice being an admiral myself) #1 recognize that finding a truly normal person in this world is gonna be rare, they each have a story and the scars to prove it and in many cases, their story is still in progress. #2 it’s them, not you, so don’t let the antics affect you, I have come to find it all quite funny and let anything directed my way safely pass over head. #3 you probably have a lot to offer in terms of emotional stability and understanding of relationships, so you’re probably a prize catch and finally, #4 you’re not immune yourself and likely have your own issues they’ll have to deal with. Ain’t life great?

TC UPDATE: St. Lucia and there is TC yelping on Skype. He’s at a beach side bar (surprise) with Tyler, a taut slender queer dancer on the ship who is definitely a big bottom and clearly hitting on my innocent little pup (right). “Chris, when did you decide to become a TOP?”, I ask. “I’m transitioning as you know, gotta GO”, he replied. Useless brown tiger that he is. He’d better behave.

Nonetheless, he’s gonna get off the ship. I’m happy and sad. The happy part is easy. The sad part is I don’t know what I’m gonna do with TC. I’m a safe port for him, but I don’t want to be simply his refueling stop. It’s not good for either of us long term, but hell long term,  we’re all dead anyways. It’s the short term that matters.

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  1. So when does TC abandon ship for good? And who is refueling who? And as he’s transitioning does this mean you’re going to have to transition also? So many questions……I await the answers.

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