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You don’t know Jack

It’s a long weekend in Sydney, a holiday for the Queen’s birthday. Her birthday was over a week ago but the Australia’s are just getting around to it. I suspect alcohol was involved. The weather is semi-crappy but Scrappy and went out to take in the city, we’ve only a handful of days left.

Late last night, we watched the movie, “You don’t know Jack” which chronicles the story of Dr. Jack Kevorkian. I got upset watching the show. First, I was upset at the sheer notion of getting older, a slow decline in health, a dark wall that seems to be approaching. Second, I get upset at America and Americans in particular, the level of stupidity, the righteous attitude and the continued desire to stick their noses into other’s business.

Going thru passport control, I handed across my German passport, the agent casually asked if I had another passport as well. I said I had a US passport, but it caused too much trouble. He smiled, “I understand” and waved me thru.  But I digress.

Scrappy is a constant reminder to me that I am getting old. But he’s also a constant reminder to me that there are indeed things to do, places to see, experiences to be had. Late late last night, in the dark of our bedroom, he lamented that he hasn’t been working, making money and how he didn’t like being so dependent on me. I acknowledged this but indicated we’d both make the trade off for relative stability to embark on our nomad lifestyle of seeing the world.

The fact that we’ve lived around the world and become semi-locals, seen things that casual tourists miss are lifetime experiences. Things you remember in the nursing home perhaps.

We all should make conscience decisions, paint with bold colors and strive to extract all from life. Sitting in a little office in some high rise worried about a font size for a Powerpoint presentation shouldn’t rank high in your list of concerns. I’m rushing to get out the door this morning, despite the rain, I know there is some experience to take in.

If there is some revelation about my experiences is that life is truly is all about you. Do the things that make you happy, recognize that your time is short, play nice, play fair, but be real, be real to yourself so you can be real to others, because indeed, the end is near.


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  1. Good advice – I hardly use my US passport – it is embarressing!

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