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Yes it is

I am focusing on money for the moment. All the queer stuff is gonna have to wait. As well, I don’t have time to worry about the huge drama moment with a friend which caused me to deleted 62 postings. I’m sorry for another friend in the midst of break-up. I unfortunately have a singular focus – find $$$.

A friend of mine runs an online job search firm (similar to, they get about 1 million visitors a month and make most of their money re-writing people’s resumes, for which they charge a princely $400. Unfortunately, a survey of their customers from 12 months ago indicate that only 18% of those who bought the resume writing service have found jobs (meaning 82% remain unemployed). Obviously a great resume has little bearing on finding work.

Whatever problem you’re having it always seems to balloon into occupying 100% of your time and no surprise with such singular focus, it’s the most important thing happening. Whether you’re trying to answer some soulful question about your life, find a new relationship, deal with the demise of a friendship, relationship or love interest, confront some physical or medical issue or deal with some financial issue. As Roseanne Roseannadanna would say, “it’s always something”.

But like checking off our ‘honey do’ list, as soon as we felled one item, we move onto the next. A few weeks back, I was fretting about TC, well I’ve got him all packaged up here playing house, cooking, bickering along, back to restful nights. Check. Now on to the next problem. And so I am.


  1. Keep on keeping on Chris.

  2. Show me the money!!! Dont say the job market is still bad! Will need to wait to move then.

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