Image370 Thanks to the many of you who comment or email me with your thoughts or advice. Always nice to get input, though I usually don't need input, the facts are generally right before me, though sometimes I don't like to look at them too closely. But, I'm accountable for my actions, I looked in the mirror this morning, damn, I'm all grown up now. Guess I'm not getting the child discount any more.

The problem with advice is it's based upon what you know, what you're values are, how you see things and where you are on this treadmill of life. Sometimes things that are quite obvious to you, are blind to me. So I get input, of course, we all do, but as William used to say, you have to own your decisions. He was right.

Poor Tiger Cub is scared, horny and the ground beneath him is less than solid, it's all quite tiring, waiting. The reality with all that's now happening, it makes me less than ideal for any sort of relationship. I probably wouldn't qualify as decent date material for the moment. Homeless and a career skidding, but I work high tech and have seen this movie before, I'll be fine.

TC is enduring, standing tall, at 24 he might be better served with a nice casual relationship, "see you next week, we'll go to dinner, maybe have a sleep over" sort of thing. Keep it light, but I don't roll that way unfortunately, my game play is far too serious. I'm sure he rolls over in the middle of the night and wonders what he's gotten himself in to.

It simultaneously scares the sh*t out of him and attracts him all at the same time. We all deep down want someone to really know us, to love and be loved, to make us feel that sense of togetherness. But it's a commitment and not something you can turn on or off on a moment's notice.

Welcome to my playground.